HST35 Strain Measurement for Structures

Two beam supports with either knife edges or clamp plate are set up on a base in order to carry five different strain gauged test specimens.

The first is a calibration beam intended to be put into circular bending by four point loading. Three cantilevers show the effect of different materials and a varying width. The fifth specimen is a hollow square section cantilever with an offset end load and strain gauges for bending and torsion.

The strain gauge outputs are fed into the HDA200 Interface (not supplied) for viewing, capturing, reviewing and manipulation.

A dial gauge on a moveable stand is provided with an output to the HDA200 Interface (not supplied).

A set of weights and load hangers is supplied as standard.

The experiments can be assembled in the HST1 bench mounted test frame with optional floor stand and shelf or HST100 bench mounted frame.

To compliment the HST35 hardware, the HST35S Experimental Software is available giving the student an opportunity to simulate the experiment, varying a broader range of experiment parameters and to compare actual results with theoretical results when the experiment is run with the software. When the HST35 hardware is purchased with a dedicated HDA200 Interface as an essential extra the experiment software, HST35S, is supplied as standard.

  • To facilitate the understanding of the use of electrical resistance strain gauges for measurement of bending and torsion stresses.
  • Comprising two beam supports with interchangeable knife edges or a clamp plate enabling five different test specimens to be set up in various beam and cantilever arrangements.
  • Gauge calibration beam
  • Three cantilevers
  • Hollow square cantilever for torsion and bending
  • Include hangers and adjustable dial gauge
  • HDA200 Interface (sold separately) for strain measurement must be supplied
  • Comprehensive technical manual for student and lecturer
  • Set of weights (2 x 50 N, 4 x 20 N, 4 x 10 N, 2 x 5 N)
  • Must be used in conjunction with HST1 Universal Frame and Stand (not supplied)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Determination of the gauge factor
  • Comparison of experimental results on different materials with strain / stress conversion using Young's Modulus
  • Separation of combined bending and torsion on a hollow square section cantilever