HST22 Torsion of Rods and Tubes

HST22 Torsion of Rods and Tubes

The apparatus comprises of a torsion head at one end and a fixed tailstock at the other, between which are held a variety of torsion specimens in three (3) jaw chucks. Fine rotational movement, in each direction, of each chuck allows accurate alignment of the torsion specimens. Each torsion specimen has profiled ends to match the clamping pattern of the chucks.

The torsion head chuck is mounted onto a bearing shaft, which is rotated using a thumbwheel and fine worm/wheel gearing mechanism integral to the torsion head. The thumbwheel and gearing applies known torque to the torsion specimen, whilst an integral load cell records the torque force being applied. An angular position sensor is also mounted at the torsion head end to monitor the angular ‘twist’ of the torsion specimens. The signals from the load cell and angular position sensor is fed directly into the HDA200 Interface (sold separately).

Test specimens are provided, including tube, solid rod, square section tube and a tube with a thin slit down its length. The materials of the specimens are aluminium and acrylic.

A comprehensive instruction manual for lecturer and student, giving full details on apparatus assembly and operation as well as example results. All necessary assembly and operational tools are provided.

Essential accessories: HST1, HDA200

HST22 Torsion of Rods and Tubes
  • To allow the study of torsional behaviour for rods and tubes
  • Torsion specimens held within a fixed and movable chuck
  • To have torque applied to specimen using worm and wheel arrangement
  • To have torque force output using load cell
  • 5 torsion specimens including round aluminium rod, round aluminium tube, round aluminium tube with 1mm (approx.) side slit, square aluminium tube, round solid acrylic rod
  • To have angular rotation output via angular position sensor
  • Must be used with HST1 universal Frame and Stand (sold separately)
  • Must be used with HDA200 Interface (sold separately)
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • Verification of the classical theory of torsion in circular section rods and tubes
  • Comparison of a tube and a similar tube with a 1mm slit along the length
  • Comparison of the extended theory of torsion for a hollow square section member with experimental values
  • Shear modulus
  • Modulus of Rigidity, G
  • Polar moment of inertia