A vertical bench top frame has a backboard attached with pegboard holes throughout. This allows easy and quick installation of the component parts from the kit supplied. Students can arrange a pulley system of their choice to study its performance.

The kit comprises a set of singe, double and triple pulleys that allow a simple or compound pulley system to be constructed. Hooks on each pulley set allow the easy interconnection of pulleys to generate different system. Cords are supplied that interconnect the pulleys, but also to use to run over each pulley arranged.

A set of hangers and weights are supplied which enable the systems to be loaded. A variety of weights are supplied which gives accurate loading. All component parts are supplied neatly and safely into a carry case.

A comprehensive instruction manual is provided for all experimental modules along with all the necessary tools and accessories. A 2-year warranty is supplied with this kit.

  • Single, double and triple pulleys set
  • Vertical frame and backboard
  • Various cord lengths
  • Hangers and Weights provided
  • Tape measure
  • Size of unit 400mm x 650mm x 400mm
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Pulley Ratio
  • Efficiencies