HME10 Universal mechanisms kit

The HME10 Universal mechanisms kit combines a large amount and wide range of simple mechanism experiments into one single kit. The majority of experiments have a number of ways in which they can be linked with theories, each other or expanded on. Each mechanism module within the kit can be assembled easily and quickly using simple components. Each component has been designed to be durable, high quality, visual and cost effective. The accessories for these units are interchangeable between kits. The core of the mechanism kit is the backboard, mounted to a sturdy aluminium frame for bench top mounting. Onto this backboard can be attached all of the necessary components for the modules being used, modules can be assembled to both the front and the back of the board through the available peg holes. The backboard and module components give clear, visible layout from the bench across the laboratory. The kit includes:


  1. Belt Drive Experiment
  2. Bevel Gear Experiment
  3. Cam and Roller mechanism Exp.
  4. Chain Drive Experiment
  5. Crank Motion Experiment
  6. Differential Wheel and Axle Exp.
  7. Geneva Mechanism Experiment
  8. Quick Return Motion Experiment
  9. Scotch Yoke Experiment
  10. Screw Jack Experiment
  11. Simple Flywheel - P.E and K.E Experiment
  12. Simple Gear Train Experiment
  13. Simple Pendulum Experiment
  14. Sliding Friction - Friction on an Inclined Plane
  15. Toggle Joint Experiment
  16. Universal Coupling Experiment
  17. Wedge Principle Experiment
  18. Weston Differential Chain Block Experiment
  19. Worm Gear Experiment
  20. Pulley Block (Single, Double and Triple) Experiment
  21. Pulley Block (Simple) Experiment
  22. Centre of Gravity Experiment
  23. Spring Balance Experiment
  24. Beam Reaction Forces Experiment
  25. Principle of Moments - Beam Balance - Lever Experiment
  26. Triangle of Forces Experiment - Parallelogram of Forces - Polygon of Forces



To be a mechanisms kit comprising individual modules for teaching a wide range of simple mechanism fundamentals to students To covers mechanisms such as gear chains, pulley blocks, centre of gravity, levers, spring balances, scotch yoke, screw jack, and pendulums. To be mounted on a common baseboard using quick and easy assembly and robust, durable components. To be supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual, tools and accessories and a 2-year warranty