HFC34 Torque Vector Apparatus

HFC34 Torque Vector Apparatus

The HFC34 allows investigations into plane and spatial equilibrium of moments and for performing vector addition.

A sturdy table top base plate, with integral feet, supports a vertical pillar. The vertical pillar passes air through itself to the top. A small ball is rested at the top of the pillar and when the air is flowing a small cushion of air is created for the ball to sit on. This creates a friction free bearing. The air flow is created using manual operation of a hand pump.

The ball has six rods protruding from its surface. Onto the ends of these rods hang load hangers and weights. The weights create varying moments and equilibrium positions. The six rods also allow up to six forces to be observed simultaneously.

To measure the X, Y and Z coordinates of the applied load positions an angular protractor and linear scale are provided, which can be rotated to each rod in turn. The angle of each rod can also be measured using the protractor at the base of the vertical pillar.

A 2 year warranty is supplied along with a comprehensive instruction manual for student and lecturer.

HFC34 Torque Vector Apparatus
  • To be a table top apparatus for investigating plane and spatial equilibrium of moments and for performing vector addition
  • Solid and sturdy base plate with integral feet
  • To be able to use up to six forces simultaneously
  • To incorporate friction free movement using air bearing
  • Integral linear and angle scales
  • To be supplied with set of weights
  • Comprehensive technical manual for student and lecturer
  • 2 year warranty


  • Vector addition
  • Equilibrium of forces
  • Plane and spatial force system
  • Moment equilibrium