HFC29 Coriolis Force Apparatus

HFC29 Coriolis Force Apparatus

This bench top unit gives excellent visual demonstration to the Coriolis Force on a jet of water.

A horizontal boom sits on top of the main base unit and rotates in a horizontal plane. Attached to the boom is a water tank which projects a jet of water in to the tank. The jet is directed towards the centre of rotation of the boom.

An electronically controlled motor rotates the boom at different rotational speeds. As the speed of boom rotation is changed, the jet of water deflects under the Coriolis affect (force). The amount of deflection can be seen on increments on the water tank and visibly.

The speed of rotation of the boom is digitally displayed on the front panel of the base unit and controlled using the front panel mounted knob. The boom is counter balanced to ensure smooth, stable running of the boom at high speeds. The speed of the jet of water is also displayed.

All rotating components are protected within a clear safety dome.

A comprehensive instruction manual is supplied along with all necessary tools and accessories. A 2 year warranty is supplied as standard.

HFC29 Coriolis Force Apparatus
  • Coriolis force visually demonstrated
  • Water tank and jet rotated on boom
  • Deflection of jet observed for varying rotational speed of boom
  • Electronic control of boom via speed control knob
  • Speed of water jet diaplyed
  • Bench top base unit with adjustable feet
  • Comprehensive instruction manual for student and lecturer
  • Protective dome covers rotating parts
  • All relevant tools and accessories provided
  • 2 year warranty
  • To observe the Coriolis Force on a jet of water being rotated in a horizontal plane
  • Affect of jet deflection as a function of boom rotational speed and the direction of boom rotation.