HFC26 Apparatus for Statics Experiments

HFC26 Apparatus for Statics Experiments

The unit allows the fundamentals of Statics, such as equilibrium, force resolution, the principles of levers, and similar issues to be clearly demonstrated.

The base unit is a freestanding mounting board. All the parts necessary for the experiment can be quickly attached to the rails that are attached to the edge of the board.

The printed perimeter grid enables structures to be accurately assembled.

Two large board straps allow the mounting of the individual experiment components. Each strap has equi-spaced threaded holes to allow mounting positions to be varied widely.

Two ball bearings facilitate low friction torque experiments. All forces measured using analogue spring balances.

The board can be written on with the use of the non-permanent pens. The individual parts are supplied in a storage case.

A comprehensive instruction manual for student and lecturer is provided along with a 2-year warranty.

HFC26 Apparatus for Statics Experiments
  • Experiment bench top apparatus for demonstrating the fundamentals of simple planar systems of forces
  • To be supplied with vertical mounting panel and pen
  • To cover topics as follows: Equilibrium of forces, addition and resolution of forces with force parallelogram, principles of levers, moment and moment equilibrium, forces in supports
  • Two weights set supplied
  • Individual components to be stored in portable case
  • All spares and accessories supplied
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty


  • Addition and resolution of forces with force parallelogram
    • Force equilibrium
    • Principles of levers, moment and moment equilibrium
  • Forces in supports