HAC90 Tachometer

HAC90 Tachometer

A bench top unit that operates in conjunction with the HVT12 Universal Vibration System. This unit display the excitation frequency (in Hz) of the motor exciter being used to excite the beam. This module will operate with both the HAC120 (sold separately) and motor exciter from the HVT12c (supplied with HVT12c). The digital display shows the excitation frequency in units of Hz and to a resolution of 1 decimal place.

The HAC90 connects to the HAC110 so that the motor exciters can be speed controller. The HAC110 (sold separately) requires its supply voltage from the HAC90.

The HAC90 supplies power to the LVDT sensor and the speed sensor of the motor exciters. It also processes the signals from these sensors and outputs them to two BNC sockets on the rear panel. This then allows easy connection to an oscilloscope (HAC50 sold separately) or HVT12k Data Acquisition System (sold separately).

The unit can be operated from either an 115V/230Vac supply, 60/50Hz. Integral RCCB and MCB protection is included as standard.

The unit comes supplied with an integral power lead, comprehensive instruction manual, and 2-year warranty as standard.

HAC90 Tachometer
  • To provide excitation frequency of motor exciters (motor exciters sold separately) within
  • To have a large LCD display, front panel mounted
  • RCCB and MCB integral to unit
  • Integral sensor supply voltage
  • Integral LVDT sensor supply voltage
  • LVDT and frame stand supplied for displacement monitoring
  • Operating voltage to be between 110Vac/60HZ to 240Vac/50Hz
  • Dual BNC outputs to HVT12k Data Acquisition System or HAC50 (both sold separately)
  • To be supplied with a full operational instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty