HAC120 Motor Exciter

HAC120 Motor Exciter

The HAC120 exciter motor is an essential part of the HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus (sold separately).

Its primary function is to transmit rotational motion into linear displacement of a beam, and hence force the beam to vibrate at varying amplitudes and frequencies.

The exciter motor is clamped onto a rectangular beam, in the desired position, i.e. onto the beam within the HVT12g, Free and Forced vibration module (sold separately).

The exciter assembly houses two out of balance masses, which when rotated at speed, created a sinusoidal excitation.

This excitation motion is transmitted to the test beam, which starts to vibrate. The frequency of vibration changes with the changing speed of the motor.

The exciter motor is controlled by the speed control unit HAC110 (sold separately). All the connection cables and sockets are factory fitted. A proximity sensor mounted to the rear of the motor gives the signal to the HAC90 – Tachometer (sold separately).

A comprehensive instruction manual and a 2 year warranty are supplied.

HAC120 Motor Exciter
  • To be a exciter motor with integral out of balance masses for creating sinusoidal excitation
  • To be clamped onto test beams
  • To have accurate speed control of the integral motor using the HAC110 speed control unit (supplied separately)
  • To include two eccentric masses rotating on ground spindles, which cause the vibration motion
  • To include integral cable and connector
  • To be supplied with tools, accessories and comprehensive instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty