HAC110 Speed Controller

HAC110 Speed Controller

The HAC110 makes up an essential control component of the HVT12 Universal Vibrations Apparatus. It connects directly to the HAC90 – Tachometer (sold separately) and also the HAC120 – Motor exciter (sold separately) and motor exciter of the HVT12c (sold as part of HVT12c experiment module).

Its main purpose is to control the rotational speed of the motor exciters used on the HVT12c and HVT12g (both sold separately).

It derives it operating power from the HAC90 unit. A front panel mounted potentiometer gives the end user control over the HAC120 rotational speed.

The unit comes supplied with an integral power lead, comprehensive instruction manual, and 2-year warranty as standard.

HAC110 Speed Controller
  • To be a speed control unit for controlling rotational speed of HAC120 – Motor Exciter (sold separately)
  • To have front panel mounted potentiometer control
  • To derive power from HAC90 – Tachometer (sold separately)
  • To be supplied with a full operational instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty