H953 Water / Water Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer Unit

H953 Water / Water Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer Unit

The H953 Water / Water Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer Unit enables students to study the detailed performance of concentric tube heat exchangers of the type most commonly used in industry. The unit includes all the necessary temperature and flow measurements and is suitable for both basic and advance studies. The metal and two fluid stream temperature are measured at inlet and outlet allowing the relationship Nu = k ReaPrb to be developed by evaluating k, a and b.

The heat exchanger may be connected to give either con-current or counter-current flow and the two additional pairs of intermediate stream temperatures allow classic heat exchanger temperature profiles to be plotted. By varying the water velocity and temperature Reynolds Numbers of 4000 to 70000 and Prandtl Numbers of 2.5 to 5 can be achieved.

The unit has a digital PID hot water temperature control for ease of use and a computerised data acquisition upgrade is also available that may be added at any time. The Windows software is menu driven and allows data files to be exported to Excel or other spread sheet formats for evaluation and presentation.

H953 Water / Water Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer Unit

Concentric tube heat exchanger for concurrent or counter-current flow under turbulent flow conditions. With all ancillary equipment and instrumentation for the determination of temperature profiles, surface and overall heat transfer coefficients during turbulent concurrent and counter-current flow.

Panel: High quality glass reinforced plastic having an attractive appearance on which the following are mounted.

Heat Exchanger: Concentric tube type with inlet, outlet and two intermediate measuring points plus pipe temperature.  Area 0.0288m2.

Water Heater: 3kW with electronic control .

Pump: Continuous rated to circulate hot water.

Flow Meters (1+1):- For hot and cold water.

Digital Thermometer: 0.1ºC resolution, with multi-way selector switch.

Cold water flow reversal valves(2): To establish concurrent and counter-current flow 

  • Determination of heat transfer rate, logarithmic mean temperature difference, overall heat transfer coefficient and 4 point hot and cold stream temperature profiles.
  • Determination of surface heat transfer coefficient inside and outside the tube, and of the effect of fluid velocity.
  • Comparison of performance in concurrent and in counter-current flow.
  • Investigation of the relationship between Nusselt (Nu), Reynolds (Re) and Prandtl (Pr) Numbers for Reynolds Numbers up to 65000 and for Prandtl Numbers between 2.5 and 5.0.
  • Determination of the constants in Nu = k Rea Prb.


 A:  3.2kW 220-240 Volts, Single Phase 50Hz(With earth/ground).

      Line current up to 14A at 230v.                                                            


B:  3.2kW 110-120 Volts, Single Phase 60Hz(With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 28A at 110v.                                                            

Cold Water:          

Continuous supply, 180 litres per hour at 20m head.