H931 Steam to Water Heat Exchanger

H931 Steam to Water Heat Exchanger

The H931 is self contained and designed for bench top use having it own steam generator and condenser tubes housed in a thick walled glass cylinder.

The tubes may be connected in a single, double or four pass configuration and full instrumentation is provided for the investigation of the thermal performance in each configuration.

A differential pressure manometer also allows the pressure drop due to velocity to be investigated in each configuration.

H931 Steam to Water Heat Exchanger

Steam to water shell and tube condensing heat exchanger having its own 3 kW steam generator and four U tube condensers, all within a single thick walled glass cylinder. Complete with three interchangeable manifolds allowing single, double or four pass operation.

High quality Glass Reinforced Plastic, having an attractive appearance, and on which the following components are mounted.

Digital Thermometer: measuring steam chamber and condenser inlet and outlet temperatures. Resolution 0.1oC.

Differential pressure Manometer and Digital Display: measuring pressure drop across condenser.

Flow meters (2): including total water flow through condenser and water flow from mains. Ranges: One 10 to 90 cm3 s-1. One 1 to 12 g s-1.

Pressure Gauge: showing steam chamber pressure. Range: - 100 to + 100 kN m-2.

Safety Features: include steam chamber pressure relief valve, pressure switch and heater high temperature cut out. All electrical components earthed and fused.

  • Visual demonstration of filmwise condensation and nucleate boiling.
  • Demonstration of the increase in heat exchanger effectiveness due to increasing the number of tube passes at constant flow rates.
  • Measurement of the effect of coolant flow velocity and the number of tube passes on pressure drop.
  • Investigation of the effect of increasing flow velocity and the number of tube passes on the overall heat transfer coefficient.
  • Investigation of the saturation pressure/temperature relationship for H2O at low pressures.


A:    3.1 kW  220/240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz. (with earth/ground)


B.  3.1 kW 110/120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (with earth/ground)


Cold water, continuous supply, 100 litres/hour at 17m  head minimum.