H352 Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

H352 Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

Cross Flow Heat Exchangers are one of the most common types of heat exchanger used in countless applications such as engine radiators, air heaters, refrigeration evaporators and condensers, super-heaters and economisers.

The unit H352 is designed to enable students to investigate steady state rates of free and forced convective heat transfer at various air velocities and is supplied complete with a separate instrumentation console and a variable speed fan as standard.

A single plain tube plate, six row plain tube bundle, four row finned tube plate, local heat transfer cylinder and mounting plate are available as individual optional extras for detailed investigation. In addition a flat plate, pinned plate and finned plate are available as well as a heat pipe evaluation plate for entry level students.
A computer upgrade covering all optional cross flow heat exchanger modules can be supplied together with menu driven Windows software for computerised data acquisition. The upgrade may be user or factory fitted. Data files are easily exported to Excel or other spread sheet formats for evaluation and presentation.

H352 Cross Flow Heat Exchanger

A vertical free standing air duct with variable speed fan into which a range of optional heat exchanger accessories may be inserted. Duct air velocity is measured using two manometers recording intake depression.

Supplied complete with bench mounting instrumentation console that provides power control and measurement for all of the optional heat exchanger accessories. Instrumentation also allows measurement of the surface, intermediate and free stream temperatures dependant upon the optional heat exchanger accessory in use. The instrumentation console contains temperature limit control for all optional heat exchanger accessories and electrical overload and earth leakage protection.

The instrumentation console also allows installation of the optional computerised data acquisition upgrade at any time.

Seven optional modules available with the H352 base unit:

H352A Plain Tube and Tube Bundle in Cross Flow

H352B Local Heat Transfer Element

H352C Finned Tube Bundle in Cross Flow

H352D Free and Forced Convection From Flat, Pinned and Finned Plates

H352E Heat Pipe Investigation Accessory

H352F  Pitot Static Traversse Plate

H352G Water to Air Heat Exchanger Accessory



For detailed descriptions and experimental capabilities of the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 with the optional heat exchanger accessories refer to individual data sheets for each optional heat exchanger accessory.


A: 220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 6A at 230v


B: 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 12A at 110v


C: 220 Volts, Two Phase (Line-Line), 50/60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 6A at 220V