H050 Boyles Law Demonstrator

H050 Boyles Law Demonstrator

The demonstration of Boyle’s Law (pV = Constant) is one of the fundamental experiments for student chemists, physicists and engineers of all disciplines.

The H050 bench top unit is completely self-contained incorporating a combined compressor and vacuum pump, allowing investigation both above and below atmospheric pressure.
Instrumentation includes gas pressure, volume and temperature allowing the investigation of the characteristic gas equation pV=mRT by more advanced students.
For operator safety the unit includes a high pressure cut out, relief valves, residual current circuit breaker and overload cut out.

H050 Boyles Law Demonstrator

Two sealed glass cylinders with access valves are mounted on a base board and connected via a tube. One cylinder performs the measuring function and the other is used to pressurise the volume of gas contained above oil in the measuring cylinder. The measuring cylinder is fitted with a compound gauge designed to measure the gas pressure both above and below atmospheric pressure.

The height of oil and hence the volume of gas in the measuring cylinder is measured using a graduated scale. A thermometer in the measuring cylinder allows the temperature of the gas in the measuring cylinder to be determined.

 A small compressor provides a means of adjusting the pressure of the test gas above and below atmospheric pressure. The compressor is mounted on the base board and controlled by a panel mounted switch.

 A pressure switch and relief valves ensure operator safety

  • Demonstration of Boyle’s Law pv = Constant for air and other safe gases.
  • Investigation of the characteristic equation of a gas pV = mRT at ambient temperature


A:       500W 220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground). Line current up to 2A at 230v


B:      500W 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground). Line current up to 4A at 110v