F823 Solar/Heat Source Vapour Turbine

F823 Solar/Heat Source Vapour Turbine

The vapour generator (or boiler) consists of a coiled copper tube through which pressurised SES36 solvent flows. The coil is immersed in an insulated tank containing hot water provided by either an electric resistance heater which is housed within the tank, or by the optional solar energy collector mounted in a suitable position outside.


The vapour produced then flows through a convergent- divergent nozzle and impinges on the blades of a single stage impulse turbine.  The turbine is mounted on the condenser and the exhaust vapour from it passes directly over the water cooled coil.  The condenser, which has a high strength glass shell, is partly flooded to provide the SES36 solvent with a few degrees of sub-cooling. The SES36 solvent is chosen for its low pressure-temperature characteristics allowing safe operation in glass.


An internal fixed speed positive displacement pump draws condensed solvent from the bottom of the condenser and delivers it, via a control valve and flow meter, to the vapour generator for re-evaporation.


A small quantity of lubricating oil mixed with the SES36 solvent and is separated from the high pressure vapour line and fed to the turbine bearings.


Maximum power is obtained at about 15,000 rev.min-1.  A simple band brake dynamometer applies and measures the resisting torque to the turbine shaft.  An optical sensor senses the rotational speed of the turbine and this is displayed on a digital meter. 

F823 Solar/Heat Source Vapour Turbine

Compact and self-contained bench top vapour power unit using refrigerant and operating on the Rankine Cycle from a hot water heat source within the unit.  Mechanical output is from a single stage impulse turbine and heat is rejected to a water cooled condenser.  Instrumentation allows the measurement of all important quantities. Optional solar panels and a package of components to enable the unit to operature from solar energy are available. 

Panel:  High quality reinforced plastic panel on which all components are mounted.


Vapour Generator:  Copper generating coil in water filled stainless steel tank fitted with thermostatically controlled *1.5W heater.


Turbine:  Single stage impulse turbine  typical output approximately *20W at 15,000 rev. min-1.


Condenser:  Water cooled coil housed in glass walled cylindrical chamber.


Feed Pump:  Positive displacement pump.


Circulating Pump:  To circulate water through vapour generator tank and solar panels (if fitted).


*Typical values. Results will vary from individual machines due to local voltage and operating conditions.



  • 12 point digital temperature indicator with spare stations for solar system if fitted
  • Two pressure gauges ranges 0 to 800kN m-2 and -100 to +100kN m-2 respectively
  • SES36 solvent flowmeter 1 to 10 g s-1
  • Water flowmeter 4 to 50 g s-1
  • Digital Tachometer with optical sensor 0 to 99999 rev.min-1.
  • Band brake dynamometer for 0-5N net force at pulley.



  • Turbine enclosed in strong guard ring.
  •  High pressure cut-out and safety valve fitted to condenser.
  • Safety valve supplied for solar panels.
  • All components earthed (grounded).
  • Unit protected by miniature circuit breaker and residual current circuit breaker.

Clear and easily observed demonstration of a classic Rankine Cycle. Production of Torque/Speed and Power/Speed curves for a single stage impulse turbine. Use of property charts or tables and the application of the First Law of Thermodynamics to produce energy balance. Determination of thermal efficiency at a range of turbine inlet and exhaust pressures. Comparison of performance with the Rankine Cycle, (including the external isentropic efficiency of turbines). Estimation of total frictional losses in turbines. In addition, With Optional Solar Panel Demonstration of the production of shaft work from solar radiation. Measurement of solar energy collection at a range of mean water temperatures 



A. 1.7kW 220/240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz. (With earth/ground)


B. 1.7kW 110/120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz. (With earth/ground)



3 litres/m in cooling water at 15m hear (min)


The maximum recommended inlet water temperature is 22oC.  If required:  details of a suitable water cooler are available.