F300F Vortex Tube Refrigeration Module

F300F Vortex Tube Refrigeration Module

The F300F is a fully instrumented bench top vortex tube refrigerator Module having no moving parts and requiring only a compressed air supplied by the F300 Base Unit.

These units are normally used in specialised cooling applications where simplicity, reliability and compactness are required. From compressed air at ambient temperature and a high speed rotating vortex, the unit produces air temperatures down to -20°C, can perform 75 watts of cooling and discharges a hot air stream at up to 70°C.

F300F Vortex Tube Refrigeration Module

A compressed air vortex tube has two outlet ports that can be adjusted to vary the proportion of flow that leaves from the hot and cold exit points. Using a common compressed air source at ambient temperature, the cold stream can reach temperatures below -30°C and the hot stream temperatures above 50°C.

The effect of air supply pressure on the performance can be investigated together with the overall refrigerating effect. The  pressures, temperatures and air flow rate are recorded by a combination of instrumentation on the Compressible Flow Range F300 base unit and the optional module.

Requires the F300 Compressible Flow Range base unit for operation.

  • Demonstration of the ability to produce hot and cold air streams from a device with no moving parts
  • Production of performance curves for a vortex tube with:-
    • Variation of inlet pressure
    • Variation of hot and cold gas ratios
    • Variation of gas used(locally sourced)

Determination of the refrigerating effect and comparison of this with the estimated power required to drive the compressed air source


A: 220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 10A at 230v


B: 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 20A at 110v

Compressed Air:

900kN/m2 (9 Bar Gauge) at up to 8g/s (400 litre/min free air)