F300E Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Module

F300E Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Module

Application of fluidised beds is more widespread in industry than is usually appreciated, covering such diverse fields as power generation to food processing.

The objective of the F300E Module is to investigate the gas flow through a fixed and fluidised bed and to measure the heat transfer rate and coefficients for comparison with convective heat transfer rates in air.

Fluidisation takes place within a transparent chamber and the range of bed material supplied can be rapidly changed. Alternative locally sourced bed materials and air distributors can be easily utilised for student project work.

F300E Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Module

A glass cylindrical chamber with an air distribution plate at the bottom end allows the granular material supplied to be fluidised by a controlled and measured air flow.

An adjustable cylindrical heater with surface thermocouple and power meter can be immersed at any level in, or out of the bed to allow measurement of the local heat transfer coefficient. A moveable pressure tapping and separate thermocouple allow the pressure and temperature within the bed at any depth to be measured.

The  pressures, temperatures and air flow rate are recorded by a combination of instrumentation on the Compressible Flow Range F300 base unit and the optional module.

Requires the F300 Compressible Flow Range base unit for operation.

  • Observation of the behaviour in a fluidised bed of a wide range of granular materials, from the start of fluidisation to entrainment of the material..
  • Measurement of air flow and pressure drop through a variety of granular materials as packed and as fluidised beds.
  • Investigation of the effect of distributor design and bed behaviour.
  • Investigation of the effect of :-
    • Superficial velocity
    • Depth of immersion
    • Particle size on the heat transfer coefficient for a hot cylindrical surface in a fluidised bed.
  • Demonstration of separation by particle size and density.



A: 220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 10A at 230v


B: 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 20A at 110v

Compressed Air:

900kN/m2 (9 Bar Gauge) at up to 8g/s (400 litre/min free air)