F300D Experimental Reaction Turbine Module

F300D Experimental Reaction Turbine Module

The F300D is a small, single stage, radial flow reaction turbine that operates on the compressed air supply usually available in laboratories. Instrumentation is provided to measure the air supply pressure, mass flow rate and temperature as well as the rotor torque and speed.

The turbine may be operated from stall to a no-load speed of 35,000rpm and classic turbine performance curves can be generated.

The unit is complementary to the F300C Experimental Impulse Turbine Module .

F300D Experimental Reaction Turbine Module

A single stage, radial flow , two jet reaction  turbine with a throttle valve and  belt brake dynamometer. Inlet and outlet air temperatures are recorded allowing the temperature drop due to work output to be measured.

Inlet and outlet air pressures, temperatures and air flow rate, turbine torque and speed are recorded by a combination of instrumentation on the F300 Compressible Flow Range base unit and the optional module.

Requires the F300 Compressible Flow Range base unit for operation.

  • Visual examination of a small reaction turbine.
  • Production of torque/speed and power/speed curves from a no load speed of approximately 35,000 rev/min to stall and at a range of inlet pressures.
  • Application of the First law of Thermodynamics to a simple open system undergoing a steady flow process..
  • Determination of the isentropic efficiency of a turbine and plotting the end states on a temperature/entropy diagram.
  • Determination of resisting torques due to bearing friction and  disc aerodynamic friction at various speeds.


A: 220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 10A at 230v


B: 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).

    Line current up to 20A at 110v

Compressed Air:

900kN/m2 (9 Bar Gauge) at up to 8g/s (400 litre/min free air)