F110 Pressure Measurement Bench

F110 Pressure Measurement Bench

The Hilton F110 Pressure Measurement Bench allows students to investigate measurement of one of the fundamental parameters that will be present in almost every branch of engineering and physics.

The unit is bench mounted and self-contained having its own means of pressure generation.

A bench top, panel mounted U tube and inclined tube manometer together with a positive pressure Bourdon tube pressure gauge and compound (positive and negative) pressure gauge. A means of creating measureable pressures is also provided.

The manometers allow investigation of the use of U and inclined tubes for pressure measurement and demonstrate the use of fluids of different density. All of the manometers and the panel mounted pressure gauges may be interconnected and linked to the common pressure source supplied.

F110 Pressure Measurement Bench

A panel mounted set of U tubes and an inclined tube manometer and pressure gauges together with a simple pressure/vacuum source allows comparison of different types of manometer and manometer fluid. A simple pressure/vacuum source and hoses allow all the panel mounted instruments to be linked.

An optional bench mounted deadweight tester (F110A) with weights and a bourdon tube pressure gauge with clear front panel to allow viewing of the dial mechanism. An optional pressure transducer and digital indicator (F110B) is available for connection to the deadweight tester.

An optional 35 channel data acquisition system and software (F110A) is available for use with the pressure transducer and any other compatible transducers.

2 optional modules available with the F110 Pressure Measurement Bench: - 

Deadweight Tester F110A

Pressure Transducer and Digital Display F110B

  • Investigation of Manometer Pressure Measurement Methods.
  • Investigation of Pressures Above and Below Atmospheric Pressure
  • Investigation of Manometer Fluid Density Effect.
  • Calibration of Bourdon tube pressure gauge with optional Deadweight Tester F110A
  • Pressure/voltage calibration with optional Electronic Pressure Transducer and Digital Display F110B for use with deadweight tester F110A

Standard F110                      None

Deadweight Tester F110A       None

Optional Pressure Transducer and Digital Display F110B and Optional Data Acquisition System FC110A


A: 220-240 Volts, Single Phase,50Hz (With earth/ground).


B: 110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground)