B701 Fire Alarm Trainer

A two zone fire alarm control panel to BS 5839 is mounted on the front of a glass reinforced plastic panel.


One detector zone consists of a temperature detector and rate of rise temperature detector mounted in a fire retardant glass reinforced plastic case.  The case has an internal divider and separate heater lamps designed to raise the temperature within the enclosure above the detector limits.  This activates the detector and sets off the alarm system.


The second detector circuit consists of a manual call point followed by an optical smoke detector and ionised particle detector mounted in a similar box to the heat detectors.


Apertures at the base of the box allow combustion products from a match or cigarette lighter or visible smoke from the generator supplied to be injected into the enclosure housing the two types of detector.


Activation of any of the detectors or the call point sets off the two alarm circuits.  One utilise a standard bell alarm and the other a high intensity Xenon strobe beacon.  The audible alarm is provided with a removable muting device to prevent excess noise.


To demonstrate the internal fault detection a set of six switches allow various faults to be introduced into the system.  These include mains failure, battery failure, detector short and open circuit and alarm open circuit.


On a fault condition the alarm panel gives both an audible and visual indication.


The control panel also has two single sockets to allow a student wired B722 detector circuit and B721 alarm circuit to be connected into the B700 system for commissioning and investigation.



The B700 Fire Alarm Trainer enables the following exercises to be carried out.

  • Examination of the components and essential wiring of a typical two zone detector circuit, dual alarm system designed to BS 5839.
  • Investigation of the performance of both ionisation and visible smoke detector heads.
  • Demonstration f internal fault detection of battery and mains supply failure.
  • Demonstration of internal detection of both shorted and electrically open detector circuits and open alarm circuits.

The Hilton B720 Alarm Wiring Kits allow vocational students to wire detector, alarm and control panel circuits using either Low Smoke Zero Halogen fire resistant cable or the more common mineral insulated Copper Cable (MICC).

The detector and alarm components may be connected and commissioned to a control panel board as part of a complete kit or alternatively plugged into two connectors provided on the B701 unit control panel.


A: 300W 220/240 Volts, 50Hz. (With earth/ground)


B:  300W  110/120 Volts, 60Hz. (With earth/ground)