816 Absorption Refrigeration Demonstrator

816 Absorption Refrigeration Demonstrator

An electrically driven ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system with insulated chiller compartment. All major components of the refrigeration system: generator, absorber, condenser and reservoir are visible. 

Variable electrical load inside the freezer compartment

Variable generator heater.


  • Digital temperature indicator
  • Digital wattmeter to give instantaneous indication of generator heater input and evaporator load.
  • Optional Computerised Data Acquisition System.
816 Absorption Refrigeration Demonstrator

On the model 816 all of the main absorption cycle components are visible at the rear of the unit. An instrumentation console with digital wattmeter and multi-way temperature indicator allow all of the important system parameters to be recorded. The system allows the ammonia generator and evaporator load to be independently varied and measured using the wattmeter.

An optional computerised Data Acquisition system C816A, allows all 10 thermocouples to be monitored as well as the ammonia generator power consumption and load current and voltage. This allows the system start to fully operational condition to be monitored, which aids student understanding plus the system performance variation with change of load. All parameters can be monitored and plotted against time or transferred to a spreadsheet for analysis.


A:   1 Amp.220-230 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz(With earth/ground).


B:   2Amp.110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz(With earth/ground).