812 Water Chiller Trainer

812 Water Chiller Trainer

The unit is mounted on a steel frame with stainless steel panels and comprises an hermetic compressor with water cooled condenser, liquid receiver, water cooling evaporator with adjustable pressure regulator. A pump circulates the cooled water at an adjustable flow rate through a tank with individually switched heaters that load the refrigeration system.

Instrumentation includes condenser and suction pressure gauges, evaporator pressure (service gauge), multi point digital temperature indicator with selector switch, evaporator and condenser flow rate measurement, optional refrigerant flow meter and optional computerised data acquisition system for all parameters including compressor current.

All the controls and the high and low-pressure switches are adjustable by the student to enable advanced studies in the control of vapour compression refrigeration equipment

812 Water Chiller Trainer

The unit is mounted on a steel framework, with stainless steel base and back panels and incorporates:-

Hermetic compressor

Water-cooled condenser.

Liquid receiver

Adjustable condenser pressure regulator

Water-cooling evaporator

Thermostatic expansion valve

Adjustable evaporator pressure regulator with detachable service gauge.

Suction accumulator.

Water tank with individual switchable loads of 1kW, 1kW and 0.5kW

Water circulating pump with flow control.

Instrumentation includes:

Digital temperature indicator with 10 way selector switch.

Condenser and evaporator water flow meters.

Condenser and suction pressure gauges and detachable evaporator pressure gauge.

Optional refrigerant flowmeter.

 Control panel including:

Overload protection


Earth leakage protector

Optional computerised data acquisition system.


A: 15Amp.220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).


B:  30Amp.110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).