805 Advanced Refrigeration Training Unit

805 Advanced Refrigeration Training Unit

The Advanced Training Unit 805 is a fully operational, small scale coldroom, which enables the student to relate all test results, system faults and adjustments directly to situations encountered in service and maintenance.

It is a multiple circuit unit, incorporating important secondary controls, is constructed entirely from standard commercial components and will give the student invaluable experience in fault diagnosis, system adjustment and replacement of faulty components.

Components include: Electric Defrost System; Evaporator Pressure Regulation; Crankcase Protection; Capacity Regulation; Variable Coldroom Heat Load. The push-button Switches Enable: Selection of simple or more complex refrigeration circuit; Comparison of controls; A clear demonstration of the correct use of internal and externally equalised thermostatic expansion valves and a Selection of built in faults for student practice.

805 Advanced Refrigeration Training Unit

The unit is mounted on a steel framework, with stainless steel base and back panels and incorporates:-

Semi-hermetic condensing unit, with fan cooled condenser and receiver.

Forced-air evaporator, with electric defrost, mounted in insulated box with hinged lid.

Heat load – variable 75 to 600 watts.

Pressure gauge.

2 Compound gauges.

High-pressure control  and low pressure control


Oil separator.

Heat exchanger

2 Liquid line driers

3 Thermostatic expansion valves.

Evaporator pressure regulator.

Crankcase pressure regulator.

Capacity Regulator.

7 Solenoid valves.

3 Handwheel valves.

Refrigerant R134a.

6 Sight glasses


A:    15Amp.220-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50Hz (With earth/ground).


B:     30Amp.110-120 Volts, Single Phase, 60Hz (With earth/ground).