P.A.Hilton Ltd and Hi-Tech Education are world-renowned brand names in Engineering Teaching Equipment.

Both brands excel in meeting customer needs together under the umbrella of P.A.Hilton Ltd, a company with over fifty years’ experience in the educational training equipment sector and a worldwide customer base.

Affiliated to both BESA and ETEMA, P.A.Hilton Ltd is a proud British manufacturer with an excellent reputation for commitment to top quality, long lasting durable teaching products and a high standard of after-sales support.

We have been providing engineering teaching solutions to thousands of universities around the globe. Let us help you to find how.

Latest Products

R560 Water Water Heat Pump

A fully instrumented bench top water to water heat pump operating on the Water-Water vapour...
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RE551 Flat Plate Solar energy Collector

A flat plate solar collector similar to those used for heating swimming pools or domestic hot water...
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