The Hilton range of vocational refrigeration and air conditioning equipment is specifically designed for the practical training of installation and service engineers. Though standard and recognisable refrigeration components are used, the units are designed to provide students with experience that is not available using modified commercial equipment. The units are designed for safe operation by students of all abilities.

B400 Acoustic Impedence Tube

The Hilton Acoustic Impedance Tube/Acoustic Insulation Test Apparatus, B400 has been designed to provide students with a simple and easily understood method of investigating the relative acoustic properties of various materials.

HAK14 Check Valve Assembly

The HAK14 is designed for the students to become familiar with the assembly, functionality and operation of an industry standard check valve.

B600 Noise Control Demonstration Unit

The Hilton Noise Control and Demonstration unit B600 has been specifically designed to provide a practical and graphic illustration of the effectiveness of the main methods of noise and vibration control.

B701 Fire Alarm Trainer

The Hilton Fire Alarm trainer B701 and Alarm Wiring Kits B720 have been designed to provide students with hands on experience of installation, commissioning and the operation of the various types of detector and alarm components.

801 Visual Refrigeration Training Unit

A fundamental level vocational refrigeration unit with a transparent evaporator. This device enables  students to see the change of state from liquid to gas. Three different types of expansion device may be introduced allowing their relative performance to be investigated.

Designed specifically for vocational applications, the unit is manufactured from standard refrigeration components.


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