The VIBRATIONS range enables clear and comprehensive learning of VIBRATIONS covering a variety of theories and topics. An understanding of the way in which materials and components react to excitation, is fundamental when studying the application of loads on a variety of fixed structures and rotating machinery. The VIBRATIONS range forms a comprehensive range of equipment, from simple pendulums, beam vibrations to complex structural vibrations. All are suitable for demonstration and experimental work.

All the VIBRATIONS hardware operates in a standalone mode, with some being supplied with Data Acquisition Interfaces and Software.

HVT12h Mass Spring System

A single open helical spring is mounted inside the HVT12f Vibrations Frame and free to vibrate vertically through a linear bearing guide. Loading is achieved through the use of various masses. Masses are added to the lower end of the spring to vary the frequency of oscillation. Frequency, periodic time and deflection can be measured. An upper adjustment system allows the springs vertical position to be varied and thus its deflection increased and decreased.

Full technical instruction manual included detailing apparatus assembly, operation, and theory and example results.

HVT12k Data Acquisition System

This unique and compact Data Acquisition System is an essential accessory for the HVT12 Universal Vibrations Apparatus experiments. When connected to the relevant experiment and its sensors, the system allows measuring, capturing, storing and analysing of experiment data.

HAC90 Tachometer

A bench top unit that operates in conjunction with the HVT12 Universal Vibration System. This unit display the excitation frequency (in Hz) of the motor exciter being used to excite the beam. This module will operate with both the HAC120 (sold separately) and motor exciter from the HVT12c (supplied with HVT12c). The digital display shows the excitation frequency in units of Hz and to a resolution of 1 decimal place.

HAC110 Speed Controller

The HAC110 makes up an essential control component of the HVT12 Universal Vibrations Apparatus. It connects directly to the HAC90 – Tachometer (sold separately) and also the HAC120 – Motor exciter (sold separately) and motor exciter of the HVT12c (sold as part of HVT12c experiment module).

HAC120 Motor Exciter

The HAC120 exciter motor is an essential part of the HVT12 Universal Vibration Apparatus (sold separately).

Its primary function is to transmit rotational motion into linear displacement of a beam, and hence force the beam to vibrate at varying amplitudes and frequencies.

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