The VIBRATIONS range enables clear and comprehensive learning of VIBRATIONS covering a variety of theories and topics. An understanding of the way in which materials and components react to excitation, is fundamental when studying the application of loads on a variety of fixed structures and rotating machinery. The VIBRATIONS range forms a comprehensive range of equipment, from simple pendulums, beam vibrations to complex structural vibrations. All are suitable for demonstration and experimental work.

All the VIBRATIONS hardware operates in a standalone mode, with some being supplied with Data Acquisition Interfaces and Software.

HVT1 Simple Pendulum

A simple pendulum consisting of a cord with a ring at the top end and a sliding pendulum mass.

HVT2 Reversible Pendulum

The reversible pendulum consists of a rigid metal bar with two pivot points, one near each end of the bar. It can be suspended from either pivot and swung. The two pivots are adjustable on the rigid metal bar and this allows the periods of swing to be adjustable. In use, it is swung from one pivot, and the period timed, and then turned upside down and swung from the other pivot, and the period timed.

HVT3 Compound Pendulum

A wall mounted bracket has a metre long bar suspended from its knife-edge pivot point. Attached to the pendulum bar is a movable mass. The mass can be fixed along the pendulum bar in seven positions.

HVT9 Torsional Vibration Apparatus

The equipment provides a basic range of torsional vibration experiments. A wire rod clamped in a wall mounted bracket has a heavy disc attached to the lower end. A solid ring can be located over the disc to increase its inertia. Steel and brass rods of two different diameters are included. All brackets, clamps and adapters are supplied.

HVT11 Vibration of a Spiral Spring

Spiral springs are used to provide a restoring torque to an oscillating shaft when it rotates through an angular displacement. With this apparatus the student can easily calculate the theoretical simple harmonic motion of the spring, and compare the value with experimental results. The wall mounted unit consists of a spiral spring coiled from a length of steel strip creating an effective length, attached to a shaft mounted in ball bearings. A cord carrying a load hanger is wound around the shaft, and a load applied to twist the spring. Spring deflection is measured with an attached 360° scale. A cord and load hanger is supplied. A set of inertia discs is supplied which can be attached to the shaft to change the frequency of oscillation, measured by the stop watch provided.


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