The THEORY of MACHINES range enables clear and comprehensive learning of and topics. An understanding of the way in which forces act and react, is fundamental when studying the application of loads on a variety of fixed structures and rotating machinery. The THEORY of MACHINES form a comprehensive range of equipment, equally suitable for demonstration and experimental work.

All the THEORY of MACHINES hardware operates in a standalone mode, with a large number being supplied with Data Acquisition Software.

HTM66 Static and Dynamic Balancing vibration

A self-contained bench top unit for the analysis of static and dynamic balancing of masses on shafts. Students learn about static and dynamic balancing, force polygons, couple polygons and vectors.

HTM67 Whirling of Shafts

To be a bench top, self contained apparatus for the demonstration of whirling speeds of flexible shafts of different lengths and diameters.

HTM72 Cam Analysis

Bench top apparatus to demonstrate the dynamic investigation of cam and follower mechanisms, as used in motors for actuation of the valves. The cam mechanism consists of 4 interchangeable cams and 2 different cam followers. A mass and spring are used to simulate the valve. To demonstrate "valve bounce", the spring rate, lifted mass, spring compression and speed are all adjustable. A set of springs and added masses are supplied. Each cam is easily interchanged. A Data Acquisition Interface with software is supplied to allow the rise and fall of the cam to be monitored. Valve bounce can be easily observed using the interface and software. All rotating parts are contained within a transparent safety guard.

HTM73 Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives

Based around a rigid, sturdy frame a variety of drive arrangements can easily be interchanged and fixed into position. Bearing blocks ensure excellent, repeatable alignment of the drives along with smooth running. The drive arrangements include dual belt drive, chain drive with tensioner, spur gear train, dual spur gear, compound bevel gear and spur gear, compound worm / wheel gear and bevel gear, rack and pinion with a spur gear drive. A cranked handle operates the drives giving more control and feel for each drive arrangement. The layout of the drives gives an excellent visual indication of motion, direction, velocity, and mechanical action.

HTM77 Slotted Link

This disc has a pointer so that the input angle can be exactly read on the integrated angle measuring scale. The crank pin can be set at different radii on the disc. The slider crank is attached to the crank pin on one side. On the other side the pin is mounted in straight guide that is fitted with a ruler to allow the output stroke to be read off with precision.

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