The THEORY of MACHINES range enables clear and comprehensive learning of and topics. An understanding of the way in which forces act and react, is fundamental when studying the application of loads on a variety of fixed structures and rotating machinery. The THEORY of MACHINES form a comprehensive range of equipment, equally suitable for demonstration and experimental work.

All the THEORY of MACHINES hardware operates in a standalone mode, with a large number being supplied with Data Acquisition Software.

HTM25 Gear Train Apparatus

Understanding the basics of gear trains is important. This apparatus ensures this is done in a simple, visual and durable way. Small, compact and self contained bench top unit for introducing students to gear trains and epicyclic gears.

HTM26 Winch Apparatus

This industrial winch allows students to determine the efficiency, velocity ratio, characteristics of the winch under increased load and the safety elements of the winch.

HTM28 Crank Mechanism

Compact model and visual apparatus of a crank mechanism, with crank shaft, con rod and piston. This wall mounted apparatus is used by students to observe and record the crank motion and forces involved with a simple engine mechanism.

HTM34 Gearbox Apparatus

This apparatus represents a sliding mesh gearbox, with clear visible gears to aid the students understanding of the principles involved.

HTM38 Disc Brake Apparatus

To carry out experiments to investigate the relationship between the normal force acting on the brake pads, the effective radius of the brake pads and the braking torque.

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