The STRUCTURES range enables clear and comprehensive learning of structural STATICS covering a variety of theories and topics within Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Engineering.
These include FORCE, BENDING, SHEAR, ELASTICITY, BEAMS, ARCHED BRIDGES, SUSPENSION BRIDGES, TRUSSES, FRAMEWORKS and PORTALS. The STRUCTURES hardware can be connected to the Hi-Tech Education HDA200 Interface creating a stand alone solution within the laboratory. Alternatively the STRUCTURES hardware can be fully Data Acquisitioned in conjunction with the experiment software. With the software the students can benefit from a wider learning experience.

HST22 Torsion of Rods and Tubes

Students verify the torsion equation with this apparatus by applying known torque to specimens of varying diameters, and materials. The theory also extends to non-circular specimens.

HST23 Equilibrium of Forces

A purely analogue experiment for the study of the equilibrium of forces acting in a single vertical plane. Students can study concurrent and non-concurrent forces in the vertical plane and also construct a polygon of forces.

HST24 Equilibrium of Parallel Forces

Excellent for studying the equilibrium of vertical forces and the special case of equal and opposite parallel forces in a single plane.

HST26 Deflections of Beams

Apparatus to allow the study of beam deflections, the variables that control the deflection of a beam due to applied loads, the effect of changing the length and thickness of beams and studies the principle of superposition.

HST45 Buckling of Struts

This apparatus mounts inside the HST1 Universal Frame and Stand (sold separately) and allows the study of the collapse (buckling) loads of metal specimens of varying length and compares this with Euler's theory and equations.

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