The STRUCTURES range enables clear and comprehensive learning of structural STATICS covering a variety of theories and topics within Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Engineering.
These include FORCE, BENDING, SHEAR, ELASTICITY, BEAMS, ARCHED BRIDGES, SUSPENSION BRIDGES, TRUSSES, FRAMEWORKS and PORTALS. The STRUCTURES hardware can be connected to the Hi-Tech Education HDA200 Interface creating a stand alone solution within the laboratory. Alternatively the STRUCTURES hardware can be fully Data Acquisitioned in conjunction with the experiment software. With the software the students can benefit from a wider learning experience.

HST17 Forces in a Truss (Resolution)

Students measure the axial strain and hence force in this realistic cantilevered truss with true pin joints. Allows comparison of experimental results with the member forces calculated by resolution at a joint.

HST18 Suspended Centre Span Bridge

This experiment models a suspended centre span bridge. Students analyse the reaction influence lines for the bridge as a tandem rolling load (vehicle simulation) crosses it.

HST19 Pin Jointed Frameworks

Apparatus enabling students to assemble a variety of pin-jointed frameworks using struts and ties to measure the strains (hence stresses) and joint deflections. Two frameworks can be assembled with the components supplied. easily interconnected. The assembled frameworks mount onto two end pillars.

HST20 Bending Stress in a Beam

Experiment for determining the bending stresses and strains within a T-beam. Students learn about strain gauging, bending equation, neutral axis and second moment of area, using an inverted T-beam. 

HST21 Unsymmetrical Bending & Shear Centre Apparatus

Apparatus allowing the relationship between vertical and horizontal deflections and the principle moments of area for a number of different sectioned specimens. The shear centre for the 'U' specimen can also be found.

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