The STRUCTURES range enables clear and comprehensive learning of structural STATICS covering a variety of theories and topics within Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and Structural Engineering.
These include FORCE, BENDING, SHEAR, ELASTICITY, BEAMS, ARCHED BRIDGES, SUSPENSION BRIDGES, TRUSSES, FRAMEWORKS and PORTALS. The STRUCTURES hardware can be connected to the Hi-Tech Education HDA200 Interface creating a stand alone solution within the laboratory. Alternatively the STRUCTURES hardware can be fully Data Acquisitioned in conjunction with the experiment software. With the software the students can benefit from a wider learning experience.

HST10 Bending Moment in a Beam

Students observe the action of bending moment at a “cut” section in a beam and compare the measured and theoretical values. The beam is in two halves and joined at the “cut” using a “hinge” mechanism.

HST11 Continuous and Indeterminate Beams

Enables a wide range of beam experiments to measure support reactions, deflections and rotations of simply supported, fixed, indeterminate, two span continuous beams and propped cantilevers. Sinking supports can also be studied.

HST12 Deflection of Curved Bars

Students can compare the deflections of one end of a curved bar, with theoretical deflections derived from Castigliano’s theorem, mathematical integration or Simpson’s rule. Six cantilever test basrs are supplied.

HST13 Deflections of Beams and Cantilevers

Allows students to analyse the deflections experienced by beams and cantilevers under load and to verify the differential equation of a beam in the calculation of slopes and deflections.

HST16 Redundant Truss

A two bay, cantilevered truss enabling the measurement of strain (hence forces) and deflection in the individual members when a redundant member is force fitted into the arrangement. Enables comparison of experimental strains with theoretical values.

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