The STRENGTH of MATERIALS range enables clear and comprehensive learning of Materials and their Properties covering a variety of theories and topics. An understanding of the way in which materials act and react, is fundamental when studying the application of loads on a variety of fixed or moving structures. The STRENGTH of MATERIALS form a comprehensive range of equipment, from fixed beams through to rotating machines apparatus, equally suitable for demonstration and experimental work.

All the STRENGTH of MATERIALS hardware operates in a standalone mode, with a large number being supplied with Data Acquisition Interfaces and Software.

HSM48 Round Diaphragm Apparatus

Sturdy, compact, self contained bench top unit for determining the surface strains and deflections of a flexible diaphragm under varying pressures.

An aluminium diaphragm is clamped rigidly around its outer edge, creating a volume underneath its surface into which oil is filled.

HSM51 Rockwell/Brinel combined Hardness Tester

This combined hardness tester is designed for measuring hardness of metals and alloys of all types (hard and soft). The specimens can be flat, or round and irregular in shape. The hardness tester is bench mounted unit. The principle of operation is based around a lever and weights.

HSM53 Vickers Hardness Tester

This accurate bench top unit is designed specifically for Vickers hardness testing. The testing range is very wide, from soft metal such as lead, upto the hardest, like hardened steel.

HSM56 Extension and Compression of Springs

A wall mounted vertical bracket houses two independent mechanisms side by side for testing tension and compression springs. The left hand side tests tension springs whilst the right hand side tests compression spring.

HSM58 Universal Materials Tester (20kN)

Universal Material Tester allowing tests to undertaken on specimens in Tension, Compression, Shear, and Bending. The apparatus comes supplied with a Digital Interface and Data Acquisition Software as standard. A variety of optional modules are available which covers tests such as Brinell Hardness, Cupping, Spring Testing, and many more.

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