Steam power plant for teaching purposes has traditionally been based on industrial equipment adapted for educational use. Whilst enabling experimental work to be undertaken, this approach suffers from a number of disadvantages. These include a large fixed installation requiring extensive site preparation; high capital, running, maintenance and inspection costs and a slow response to a change in operating conditions. The complexity and scale of the system can also confuse student understanding of the basic principles of Rankine cycle steam generators and turbines.

All the PA Hilton's units in this range have been specifically designed for teaching purposes and therefore offer the following advantages over traditional equipment:

• Low capital cost.
• Very low running, maintenance and inspection costs.
• Bench top unit easily installed and moved.
• Very low thermal inertia - steam generation within 2 minutes and test results in 10 minutes.
• Incorporates all the important processes and components of a full size steam power plant.
• Easily understood and safe to operate.
• Unique design eliminates explosion hazard associated with pressure vessels.
• All processes under student control from one location

S220 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine

A bench top Rankine cycle steam turbine with electric fired boiler, throttle valve, impulse turbine, sub-atmospheric water cooled condenser and boiler feed pump.

S220A Generator Demonstration Module

The S220A Generator Demonstration Module is an optional extra of the S220 Rankine Cycle Steam Turbine.

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