The rapidly increasing cost of fossil fuels and the visible signs of global warming are concentrating interest in renewable energy. The continuously expanding range of Hilton Renewable Energy products allow students to increase their understanding of the limitations and practical applications of green technologies. Hydrogen fuel cells, wind generators, photovoltaic and water heating solar panels, air and water heat pumps, refrigeration and power cycles with optional solar sources, all contribute to increasing student awareness of the many and varied options.

RE580 Combined Wind & Solar Generator Demonstrator

A small (12V Nominal) solar panel with nominal 10W output is connected to a battery charge control system. The charge controller is also connected to a small (500mm diameter) wind turbine. The charge controller can be connected to the supplied 12V deep cycle lead acid battery.

F823 Solar/Heat Source Vapour Turbine

The vapour generator (or boiler) consists of a coiled copper tube through which pressurised SES36 solvent flows. The coil is immersed in an insulated tank containing hot water provided by either an electric resistance heater which is housed within the tank, or by the optional solar energy collector mounted in a suitable position outside.

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