The rapidly increasing cost of fossil fuels and the visible signs of global warming are concentrating interest in renewable energy. The continuously expanding range of Hilton Renewable Energy products allow students to increase their understanding of the limitations and practical applications of green technologies. Hydrogen fuel cells, wind generators, photovoltaic and water heating solar panels, air and water heat pumps, refrigeration and power cycles with optional solar sources, all contribute to increasing student awareness of the many and varied options.

RE510 Educational PEM Fuel Cell

The RE510 Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell is one of the current leading contenders as a power source for use in motor vehicles.

The fuel cell generates electrical power directly from hydrogen and air producing only pure water and heat as a by-product.

RE540 Photovoltaic Trainer

A complete 80W solar panel system with instrumentation panel containing a battery charge controller, panel loading system, all relevant instrumentation and an external deep cycle 110Amp hour battery.

RE540A Optional Water Pump

RE540A Optional Water Pump. A water pump specifically designed for use with solar installations.

RE540B Optional Single Phase Inverter

A single phase inverter designed to provide a single phase AC mains source from the solar/battery system.

RE540C Additional Solar Panel

Optional Additional 80W Solar panel

An identical 80W solar panel to the unit supplied as part of the RE540 base unit. Up to 3 additional RE540C panels may be added to the RE540 unit.

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