There is hardly any part of a country’s health and welfare that is not dependent on refrigeration systems. For example, food and vaccine storage, distribution, medical, industrial, commercial and domestic applications of all kinds depend upon refrigeration.

During the 1990’s almost all countries signed and subsequently ratified the United Nations Montreal Protocol and its later amendments. This agreement includes a strict time-scale for the worldwide phase-out of ozone depleting refrigerants and requires the use of interim and replacement, ozone friendly refrigerants. These changes resulted in a 3 to 4 fold increase in the variety of refrigerants in common usage and the need to ensure that the training of refrigeration engineers is to the highest standard.

The recent signing of the Kyoto Agreement will further increase the need for training as most refrigeration and air conditioning systems are significant users of power and hence contribute directly and indirectly to global warming.

The PA Hilton's range of refrigeration teaching units and computer based software are designed to teach students all the basic principles of refrigeration, therefore ensuring that the next generation of engineers are able to fully understand and contribute to the fundamental changes now taking place in the refrigeration industry.

R715 Refrigeration Laboratory unit

A fully instrumented refrigerant R134a vapour compression refrigerator with belt driven compressor, electrically heated evaporator, thermostatic expansion valve and water cooled condenser.

Operating parameters can be varied by adjustment of condenser cooling water flow and electrically heated evaporator supply voltage.

Components have a low thermal mass resulting in immediate response to control variations and rapid stabilisation. Instrumentation includes all relevant temperatures, condenser pressure, evaporator pressure, refrigerant and cooling water flow rates, evaporator and motor power, motor torque and compressor speed.

R833 Air and Water Heat Pump

A fully instrumented vapour compression heat pump operating on R134a with an aluminium finned air source evaporator, high efficiency plate type condenser and similar water source evaporator.

The evaporator source may be selected using a simple switch. Instrumentation allows investigation of heat transfers at each component of the refrigeration cycle.

R853 Vapour Jet Refrigerator/Heat Pump

A bench top example of a refrigerator/heat pump that is driven by a heat source. The unit operates on a combined Rankine and vapour compression refrigeration cycle using a low pressure, non-toxic ozone friendly refrigerant.

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