There is hardly any part of a country’s health and welfare that is not dependent on refrigeration systems. For example, food and vaccine storage, distribution, medical, industrial, commercial and domestic applications of all kinds depend upon refrigeration.

During the 1990’s almost all countries signed and subsequently ratified the United Nations Montreal Protocol and its later amendments. This agreement includes a strict time-scale for the worldwide phase-out of ozone depleting refrigerants and requires the use of interim and replacement, ozone friendly refrigerants. These changes resulted in a 3 to 4 fold increase in the variety of refrigerants in common usage and the need to ensure that the training of refrigeration engineers is to the highest standard.

The recent signing of the Kyoto Agreement will further increase the need for training as most refrigeration and air conditioning systems are significant users of power and hence contribute directly and indirectly to global warming.

The PA Hilton's range of refrigeration teaching units and computer based software are designed to teach students all the basic principles of refrigeration, therefore ensuring that the next generation of engineers are able to fully understand and contribute to the fundamental changes now taking place in the refrigeration industry.

R434 Vortex Tube Refrigerator

The R434 is a fully instrumented bench top vortex tube refrigerator Module having no moving parts and requiring only a compressed air or other suitable gas supply to operate.

R515 Mechanical Heat Pump

A bench top air to water heat pump with all relevant system parameters indicated by panel mounted instruments. An hermetic compressor, plate type condenser and finned air sourced evaporator are mounted on a purpose made panel together with the relevant instruments.

R534 Thermo Electric Heat Pump Unit

The R534 is a fully instrumented semi-conductor thermo-electric device demonstrating both power generation and refrigeration from the same bench mounted module.

R560 Water Water Heat Pump

A fully instrumented bench top water to water heat pump operating on the Water-Water vapour compression cycle with refrigerant R134a as the working fluid.

R634 Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit

 A visual refrigeration demonstrator, where a low pressure solvent is used to allow the use of both a glass flooded evaporator and glass water cooled condenser. This allows BOTH the process of evaporation at low pressure and condensation at higher pressure to be viewed by students.

The solvent used means that the pressures of both evaporation and condensation can be below atmospheric pressure (depending on local cooling water temperature).

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