The Universal Testing Machine MAGNUS enables clear and comprehensive learning of stress, strain, deflections and forces within full size structures such as roof truss, concrete beams, and wooden structures. A variety of experiments can be supplied as well as instruction manuals detailing the construction of concrete beams and wooden structures by the end user. This apparatus is a great addition to any Civil or Structural Engineering laboratory for student and industrial use.

HPM12 Protective Guard

This guard offers a high degree of protection to the operators from flying debris, etc when used along side the HPM1 MAGNUS Test frame (not supplied). Each guard is 2 metres high by 1.2 metres wide, and is fitted with wire mesh mounted on a stable frame.

HPM5/1 Stress Grading of Timber Joists

This experiment comprises a technical manual, which contains details of the selection of a timber beam and setting up for a four point loading test. A set of three dial gauges is required to measure the curvature of the beam in the central region of constant bending moment.

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