The Universal Testing Machine MAGNUS enables clear and comprehensive learning of stress, strain, deflections and forces within full size structures such as roof truss, concrete beams, and wooden structures. A variety of experiments can be supplied as well as instruction manuals detailing the construction of concrete beams and wooden structures by the end user. This apparatus is a great addition to any Civil or Structural Engineering laboratory for student and industrial use.

HPM1 Magnus Frame

The MAGNUS Universal Testing Frame is constructed of a twinned steel channel frame fastened with high tensile fixings. This creates an overall structure size of 4.61m long, 2.53m high and 1.2m wide and a working space of 4.0m long x 1.6m high.

The 0.60m spacing between the verticals allows for wide test specimens to be tested. The base feet distribute the selfweight of about 1 tonne to four anti-vibration leveling feet. The top channel members are used to carry either a single or double acting hydraulic ram carriage (not supplied).

HPM3 Single Hydraulic Ram System

The 20 tonne dual direction ram is fitted in a wheeled carriage that rolls along the flanges of the top members of the HPM1 MAGNUS frame. There are quick acting clamps that lock the carriage in position. The hydraulic ram is operated using a hand pump, which is mounted on a mobile table.

HPM3a Twin Hydraulic Ram System

Two 20 tonne dual direction rams are each fitted in wheeled carriages that roll along the flanges of the top members of the HPM1 MAGNUS frame. Quick acting clamps lock the carriages in position. Both hydraulic rams are operated using a hand pump mounted on a mobile table. A lever on the end of the hand pump allows vertical direction control of the ram. A digital pressure indicator shows the ram pressure via a transducer and displayed on a digital display.

HPM6/1a Plane Frame With Strain Gauges

A plane frame is made from fully welded hollow square section steel members making a 45° truss. The truss has special end mountings supplied that allow different end bearing conditions to be used, i.e. pinned and roller end. The end mountings also allow the frame to be inverted for work on an inverted truss. Seven members of the truss are strain gauged with half bridge arrangements

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