A thorough understanding of the basic modes of Heat Transfer is a fundamental requirement for most courses in Science and Engineering. The P.A.Hilton Ltd Heat Transfer range is designed to teach all the fundamental principles of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics as well as units for more advanced studies.

Many of the ranges have a common instrumentation and service unit with a series of optional add-on modules available, designed for specific applications. This modular approach gives maximum flexibility to educational establishments to align their laboratory equipment to curriculum requirements and budgets.


Data Acquisition Upgrades are available for the vast majority of units within the Heat Transfer range, allowing the key experimental parameters to be captured using the Universal Data Acquisition software.

H813 Dew Point Hygrometer

A complete self contained dew point hygrometer that allows rapid and repeated measurement of the dew point of air using the classic chilled mirror method.

H814 Humidity Measurement Bench

A self contained bench top unit comprising a  number of different types of humidity meters and a small air duct with fan for variation of air velocity together with a simple air velocity meter.

Students can investigate the use of the standard wet and dry bulb whirling hygrometer in the normal way. Using the air duct the effect of air velocity on wet bulb temperature can be investigated.

H893 Bench Top Cooling Tower

Reproduces all the processes that are found in an industrial system serviced by a forced draught cooling tower.
The unit incorporates a process load, circulating pump, packed column, water distribution, volume control system and fan.

Standard instrumentation allows measurement of the air, circulating water mass flow rate and all end state temperatures using wet and dry bulb thermocouples. Evaporation rates under varying load and flow conditions can also be investigated.

H911 Film and Dropwise Condensation Unit

Although the differences in the modes of boiling heat transfer are generally recognised many students are not aware that two distinct modes of condensation can occur. The H911 is a self-contained bench top unit that allows the investigation of heat fluxes and heat transfer coefficients during the condensation of steam.

H931 Steam to Water Heat Exchanger

The H931 is self contained and designed for bench top use having it own steam generator and condenser tubes housed in a thick walled glass cylinder.

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