A thorough understanding of the basic modes of Heat Transfer is a fundamental requirement for most courses in Science and Engineering. The P.A.Hilton Ltd Heat Transfer range is designed to teach all the fundamental principles of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics as well as units for more advanced studies.

Many of the ranges have a common instrumentation and service unit with a series of optional add-on modules available, designed for specific applications. This modular approach gives maximum flexibility to educational establishments to align their laboratory equipment to curriculum requirements and budgets.


Data Acquisition Upgrades are available for the vast majority of units within the Heat Transfer range, allowing the key experimental parameters to be captured using the Universal Data Acquisition software.

H352F Pitot Static Traverse Plate

The H352F PITOT STATIC TRAVERSE PLATE includes a sliding plate, and pitot tube with multiple locations designed to be traversed across the duct of the H352 base unit.

H352G Water to Air Heat Exchanger Accessory

The H352G WATER TO AIR HEAT EXCHANGER ACCESSORY includes a series connected copper tube bundle with flexible flow and return hoses that is designed to fit the aperture in the Cross Flow Heat Exchanger H352 duct.

H411 Flow Boiling Demonstration Unit

The H411 is a floor-mounted unit designed to provide a visual demonstration of the flow boiling processes that can occur inside the vapour generating tubes of practical plant such as refrigeration, steam, chemical and food processing systems.

H656 Boiling Heat Transfer Unit

Boiling is the one of most important processes in the transfer of heat and is used in many industrial applications. For example, power generation, refrigeration, refining and nuclear engineering all depend upon an effective boiling process.

H694 Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit

Application of fluidised beds is more widespread in industry than is usually appreciated, covering such diverse fields as power generation to food processing. The objective of the unit is to investigate the gas flow through a fixed and fluidised bed and to measure the heat transfer rate and coefficients for comparison with convective heat transfer rates in air.

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