A thorough understanding of the basic modes of Heat Transfer is a fundamental requirement for most courses in Science and Engineering. The P.A.Hilton Ltd Heat Transfer range is designed to teach all the fundamental principles of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics as well as units for more advanced studies.

Many of the ranges have a common instrumentation and service unit with a series of optional add-on modules available, designed for specific applications. This modular approach gives maximum flexibility to educational establishments to align their laboratory equipment to curriculum requirements and budgets.


Data Acquisition Upgrades are available for the vast majority of units within the Heat Transfer range, allowing the key experimental parameters to be captured using the Universal Data Acquisition software.

H112B Radial Heat Conduction

A small-scale accessory designed to experimentally investigate the basic principles of radial heat conduction and to allow the thermal conductivity of the solid metal disc to be determined.

H112C Laws of Radiant Heat Transfer

An accessory designed to experimentally investigate the laws of radiant heat transfer and radiant heat exchange. The application of the laws to both heat and light radiation are demonstrated using a radiant heat source and light source.

H112D Combined Convection and Radiation

A small scale accessory that allows experimental investigation of both natural and forced convection from a heated cylinder in a cross-flow configuration. The surface temperature of a duct mounted, 10mm diameter matt black cylinder may be varied over a wide range; thereby allowing the increasing effects of radiant heat transfer to be investigated as the temperature is increased.

H112E Extended Surface Heat Transfer

A small scale bench top accessory designed to measure the temperature profile and heat transfer along a horizontal extended surface (cylindrical pin). A small diameter uniform rod is heated at one end and heat flowing along the rod by conduction is lost to the surroundings by a combination of natural convection and radiation.

H112F Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement

A small scale bench top accessory designed to experimentally investigate how measured temperatures can be influenced by the effects of radiation, temperature sensor design and surface finish. Three temperature sensors of different form and surface finish are mounted centrally in a circular stainless steel duct that is surrounded locally by an electrical heater.

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