A thorough understanding of the basic modes of Heat Transfer is a fundamental requirement for most courses in Science and Engineering. The P.A.Hilton Ltd Heat Transfer range is designed to teach all the fundamental principles of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics as well as units for more advanced studies.

Many of the ranges have a common instrumentation and service unit with a series of optional add-on modules available, designed for specific applications. This modular approach gives maximum flexibility to educational establishments to align their laboratory equipment to curriculum requirements and budgets.


Data Acquisition Upgrades are available for the vast majority of units within the Heat Transfer range, allowing the key experimental parameters to be captured using the Universal Data Acquisition software.

H050 Boyles Law Demonstrator

The demonstration of Boyle’s Law (pV = Constant) is one of the fundamental experiments for student chemists, physicists and engineers of all disciplines.

H102 Heat Exchanger Service Unit

A bench mounted panel with integral electrical console providing services for any of the optional heat exchangers in the range. PID Temperature controlled hot water is provided and the hot and cold flow is controlled and measured using variable area flowmeters. The optional heat exchangers are connected using non-drip, self sealing couplings.

H102A Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

A clear acrylic tube containing cold water surrounds an inner stainless steel tube in which the hot water flows.

H102B Plate Heat Exchanger

Multiple brazed stainless steel plates arranged for multi-pass operation with passes in series give a total heat transfer area of approximately 24000mm2. Four thermocouples measure hot and cold fluid entry and exit temperatures.

H102C Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

A thick walled glass shell with 2 baffles contains cold water, which passes over 7 stainless steel tubes through which hot water flows. Tube bundle length of 205mm giving total heat transfer area of approximately 24000 mm2.

H102D Jacketed Vessel with Coil and Stirrer

A vessel with a clear top has a glass outer jacket.  Hot water may pass through this or through a heat transfer coil inside the vessel to provide external or internal heating.

H102E Extended Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

An extended version of the H102A Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger with 3 pairs of intermediate points giving 10 thermocouples in total.  

H102F Extended Plate Heat Exchanger

An extended version of the H102B Plate Heat Exchanger with a total of 6 thermocouples.

In conjunction with the H102B this allows investigation of the effects of increased heat transfer area.

H103G Water to Water Turbulent Flow Heat Exchanger

This is a highly advanced concentric tube heat exchanger with hot water flowing through the central tube while cooling water flows through the annular space.

This allows advanced students to investigate the Nusselt, Reynolds, Prandtl relationship Nu = k Rea Prb.

H102H Coiled Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

An example of an industrial coiled concentric tube heat exchanger with turbulence enhancing tubes. The heat exchanger is fully instrumented using the Heat Exchanger Service Unit H102 with thermocouples on the inlet and outlet of both the hot and cold streams.

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