The Hilton Airflow System F100 and its expandable range of optional accessories enable students to safely investigate the fundamentals of airflow and simple aerodynamic experimental procedures. The unit consists of a small footprint, high volume high pressure centrifugal fan with adjustable flow control, inlet and outlet couplings. The Hilton Airflow System F100 is available with an extensive range of optional accessories that makes the unit a very flexible and economic investment. The extensive range of optional accessories allow investigation of Bernoulli’s equation, drag forces on various shapes, Investigation of a turbulent jet, investigation of boundary layer development, pressure distribution of flow around a bend, fan performance characteristics, jet attachment, pressure distribution around a cylinder, pressure distribution around an aerofoil, flow visualisation studies, air flow measurement methods.

The complete range is safe and suitable for unsupervised student operation and responds immediately to system changes allowing efficient use of laboratory time.

F100M Principles of Airflow, Fan Test and Flow Measurement

Measurement of fan air flow rate using an intake orifice plate, and an iris diaphragm at a range of air flow rates in order to determine the fan characteristics.

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